TheBestBooksof2015The Girl on the Pier awarded the Kirkus Star, for books out outstanding merit.

“Beautiful and chilling—a brilliant debut.

–– Kirkus Reviews

“A Classy psychological thriller.” 

–– The Bookseller

“A beautifully written, thought-provoking psychological thriller.” 

–– Araminta Hall, Author of the best-selling “Everything and Nothing”.

“The final few chapters have such a dynamic conclusion, a brilliant read.” 

–– Mystery People Magazine

“Reflective, atmospheric, and written in gorgeous prose.” 

–– Laura Wilkinson, Author

“Highly readable and suspenseful. An amazing achievement from a first time novelist. Recommend for those who like introspective psychological novels.” 

–– Goodreads – Diane S, Batavia, IL  (#44-ranked best reviewer in USA)

“I really liked it … Fast-paced and shows unexpected twists into the narrative, keeping the reader’s full attention until the end of the book.”

–– Laura, Sao Paulo, Brazil (#1-ranked Goodreads reviewer in Brazil, #2 all-time)

“I was absolutely swimming in heavenly prose. A great story which I predict will be found on bestseller lists in the near future.” 

–– 52bookminimum blog (Goodreads #9 best reviewer in USA, all-time global rank of #73)

“Five stars.”

–– Goodreads – Rosee, Augusta, ME (#24-ranked global top reviewer of past 12 months)

“I absolutely loved it. Excellent prose, excellent building of suspense, a distinctive narrative voice and a complex plot that keeps you guessing ‘till the very end.”

–– La Loca de Los Libros blog (#1 most followed on Goodreads in Argentina, #3 best reviewer)

“…Gripping. Edge of your seat and thought provoking … Great story.”

Mauoijenn, (#157-ranked top reviewer on Goodreads over past 12 months)

“A breathtaking psychological thriller that plays with the imagination of the reader. Intelligently written … interesting and original story.”

–– Goodreads – Zita K, Czech Republic (#1 all-time Czech user)

“Left me breathless at 3 in the morning. I highly recommend it”

–– Goodreads – Kim, Darlington, MD

“This is one of those books that you simply to do want to end as you find yourself becoming more and more invested in the story and the characters. This book was remarkable, and this author is one that I will be keeping any eye on for any future novels!” 

–– Reading Rachael blog (also on Goodreads)

“Excellent character-driven suspenseful tale that will leave your mouth hanging open.” 

–– (Also on Goodreads – Steve White)

“So well written and so carefully planned out … A slow-burning psychological peak into the mind of a man with a past full of abandonment and pain, and maybe even a couple of secrets, I’m giving The Girl On The Pier 4.5 stars out of 5, and a very enthusiastic recommendation to those who love fantastic prose and character-driven stories.” 

–– The Darling Bookworm blog (Also on Goodreads – Amanda, Canada)

“Fantastic character study/mystery that finds its colors from the same palette as writers such as Julian Barnes. The Girl on the Pier has many surprises and subtleties that cry out for a re-read to appreciate how good this book really is. It is early but I am confident that The Girl on the Pier will be on my 2015 Favorites list.”  

–– Goodreads – Chris McCaffrey, Dallas, TX

“Terrifically written. Slowly The Girl on the Pier begins to pull and tug at the twine that holds Patrick’s sanity together until the very end where he is laid bare for all to see … His complex and ever evolving character will keep you wanting to learn more.”

–– Goodreads – Albert, Scottsdale AZ

“The plot takes all sorts of twists and turns, and Tomkins provides so much interesting detail, particularly around Patrick’s career, and the steps he takes in his work. Patrick is intriguing, demonstrating how powerful, and malleable, memories are.”

–– Goodreads – Steve, Oklahoma City, OK

“Why read his story? It is told in a way that mysteriously ravels all the lies in his life together, then unravels them all in amazing fashion. I was held by the question of ” what’s next?” til the end.” verified review

“Very well written, with complex characters and unsuspecting plot twists. It starts out quietly, but then picks up the pace and ends with a “can’t put it down” until finished. I hesitate to say more, without giving away the surprises!” verified review

“I found it didn’t leave me for a while. I actually started over once I finished and it was just as compelling. This was beautiful writing, a good story and well constructed. Don’t believe people who said they ‘guessed it’. You find out as much or as little as the author wants you to know, just when he wants you to know it. He was masterful. A good mystery, well above average. Could be too literary for thriller fans but there it a good story here. If not a best seller, should be.” verified review

TGOTP cover2 copy